Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Julian Fellowes Should Totally Hire Me As A Writer

Downton Abbey, Season 3. The first two seasons were great. I had some concerns that S3 might not be able to sustain the same momentum. Unfortunately I was right. (But it's only been three episodes so far--maybe it will get better!) 
Don't look so frightened, Matthew, it's only Episode 3!

However, I had a brilliant idea for how the show's plot should turn. I'm going to share it with you now. 

SPOILER ALERT: There are no spoilers because everything I'm writing about here never actually happened on the show. But it's better than what actually did happen, which is why Julian Fellowes should totally hire me. 

So we all know (because it was in the previews) that Lord Grantham lost all the money (sorry, lost all Cora's money) by investing in Canadian railroads. (Really, Robert?) Matthew is about to inherit a shitload of money from Lavinia's family. (Remember Lavinia? His fiancee? She conveniently died from the flu after realizing that Matthew never truly loved her.) Anyway, Lady Mary wants her new hubby to use that money to save Downton, but Matthew is too darn noble and boring and thinks everyone should actually get a job and put on their own tuxedoes. 

Here is my idea. Edith finally marries her suitor, Sir Anthony Strallen. But then he up and dies on her right after the honeymoon, leaving her a very rich widow. Thus Edith decides to use Sir Anthony's money to save Downton, but on one condition. She gets to be the Countess of Grantham, not Mary. As Edith sees it, Mary doesn't deserve to become Countess because her husband was too stingy with his own inherited money (despite the fact that he is the named heir). Thus Edith saves the day and Downton! No one has to move to a crummy cottage, all the servants keep their jobs, and Edith finally FINALLY gets to reign over Mary. 

Yes, I think Edith likes that idea very much! 

Of course this opens the door to all sorts of plot twists, such as how Mary schemes to push Edith out of the way and get back the title of Countess for herself. 

I'm not sure what happens with Bates, but puh-leeze, I can come up with something that's better than this. Maybe Matthew uses his money to buy Bates' freedom? Bribe a judge? Matthew is a lawyer (or is it solicitor?) after all. 

Julian, call me maybe? 

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